King Philippe arrives in Walvis Bay


The King of the Belgians landed at Walvis Bay International Airport as he continues his visit to Namibia.

When the Airbus A330-400 commercial aeroplane landed, officials say it was the largest aeroplane the Walvis Bay International Airport has ever received in two decades.

Before landing, the A330-400 used a method called a corkscrew landing, or also spiral landing, which is intended to minimise the risk of the aircraft being hit by anti-aircraft fire from the ground on its way to a destination airport.

Visas upon arrival required at border posts in Zambezi Region


Visitors entering Namibia through the Katima Mulilo, Ngoma, and Impalila border posts in the Zambezi Region will now acquire visas upon arrival starting December 15, 2023.

Only Hosea Kutako and Walvis Bay International Airports, as well as the Transkalahari Border Post, required visas upon arrival.

Some countries without diplomatic representation in Namibia will no longer need to apply for visas before coming to Namibia or in transit through Namibia.

Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, Albert Kawana, expounded on "visas on arrival.".