Members of school management in remote areas continue to sacrifice their personal resources to ensure that the needs of learners and staff are met.

The leadership at Ndoro Memorial Combined School in the Zambezi Region is recognised as one example of this. 

The school, located in Omega 3, 150 kilometres from Katima Mulilo, mostly caters to learners from the Khwe Community who reside in the area.

The school was established in 1994, closed at some point, and re-opened in 2004.

Just as with many rural schools, Ndoro has its own challenges, some of which appear simple.

Since 2015, when their printer broke, the school has operated without one.

This means someone has to bear the cost of regular travel to get paper photocopied for all the school's needs.

The school principal bears that brunt, with his car used to traverse either to Katima Mulilo, some 150 km away or to the other nearest school, about 80 km away.

The schools from which they print only require that management provide the ink and paper required.

Since 2015, Ndoro Memorial has spent an estimated N$50,000 on meeting its printing needs.

Now, after years of them crying out for help, a local conservancy has stepped in. 

The donation comes as a relief for the school, especially since the number of learners has increased due to the introduction of the National Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary Level in 2020.

The school still requires several improvements to ensure more effective teaching and better academic outcomes, among which are science labs. 

The premise also requires fencing off to prevent animals from roaming freely onto the school grounds.

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Juliet Sibeso