Residents of Grootfontein's Kap en Bou settlement are calling on the municipality to fast-track the provision of water and electricity to their area.

Kap en bou started as a result of land grabbing in 2017, and the population has since grown over the years.

Inhabitants here get water from a nearby location, Blikkies Dorp, where they pay for it. A lack of electricity is another challenge.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Grootfontein Municipality, Indileni Lungameni, says it is difficult to provide services at Kap en Bou, as the residents have settled there illegally on five planned erven.

The residents will, however, have to move to a reception area with more than three thousand erven.

"Now for the council to provide the incremental basic services, it can only be implemented upon finalisation of the relocation process from Kap en Bou to the reception area, and that's the process that we are busy with with our land formalisation NEG and shack dwellers. We need to formalise the profiling and registration of eligible residents that will be moved who qualify to go to the reception area."

Only when the residents relocate to the reception area will the provision of services be made available.

Lungameni says the council is at an advanced stage of procuring prepaid water meters as well as free-standing pipes that will cater for residents at the reception area.

The process will be completed in a few months.



Eveline Paulus