Education is the key to accessing opportunities for development presented by both the Namibian government and through the country's natural resources.

This was said by Swapo Party member Verna Sinimbo at Sifuha Village in the Zambezi Region.

Addressing community members at Sinufa village as the political leader assigned to the Kabbe North district in the Zambezi Region, Sinimbo underlined the importance of education in preparing children to take advantage of opportunities in the fields, especially green hydrogen, and the oil and gas industry in Namibia.

"It is really a topic that each and everybody should understand; we should understand because these are our resources, and how can we be part and parcel of these resources? It's only if our children go to school and only if our children are skilled will they be able to participate in this beautiful development that is being spoken about in the entire world. Namibia is on the map at the moment, but then we need to get opportunities for us to be able to understand in order for us to be 100% participants in this good development."

Sinimbo, who serves as the Deputy Minister of Industrialization and Trade, also encouraged small and medium enterprises to take advantage of the ministry's small business funding projects.

"This is now the time we are inviting you to put through your applications. We have an office in Katima Mulilo, and we expect you to go as soon as you hear that it is now the right time for you to go and put through your application. The reason why I'm sharing this information with you is because I want to see lots of applications coming from Sifuha, Kabbe North, and the entire Zambezi region. Did you get the message?" 

Sinimbo also urged party members to mobilise young and old to register during the General Regestration of Voters campaign, which will start on June 3.

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Juliet Sibeso