One of the long-distance runners, Linus Paulus, who is running under the UNAM Athletics Club, is seeking financial assistance to participate in the 49th Comrade Marathon in South Africa on June 9th.

Linus Paulus, a member of the UNAM Athletic Club in Windhoek, is a young, passionate athlete recognized by Athletic Namibia. He is dedicated to pursuing his career in long-distance running.

Paulus has competed in various events, both local and international, including the Soweto Marathon in Cape Town last November.

Currently, Paulus is appealing to Good Samaritans for financial assistance as he trains without a coach for the Comrade Marathon in neighboring South Africa.

His dream is to follow in the footsteps of leading local long-distance runners like Helalia Johannes and to represent Namibia on the international stage, including the Olympic Games.

He plans to leave the country a week before the marathon, on June 2nd, to acclimatize to the weather in advance.

Anyone willing to assist Paulus can contact the Club Chairperson Meriam Minin on her mobile number: 0813724253