Uis in the Daures constituency of Erongo Region needs about N$1.5 million to overcome the water problem at the settlement.

Erongo Chief Regional Officer Mupenzeni Ntelamo says the old asbestos pipe that takes water from the Namwater reservoir to Uis is clogged with limescale.

The asbestos pipe that takes water to the Uis community was constructed in the late 1950s, but limescale has built up over time.

The Chief Regional Officer and his team assessed the water problem at Uis.

"Water is being rationed, and we only have a tanker that provides water to the community, which is actually a very big risk because, as you know, water is actually a basic need, so this is actually the problem that we sit with. So going forward, what we want to do is come here. This is actually a see-and-act mission. As we have observed, this is what is happening on the ground, and we need to fast-track the process of getting that black pipe so that we can provide water to the community; otherwise, it is going to be a health hazard."

Ntelamo says Uis needs N$1.5 million to replace the asbestos pipe with a plastic one stretching over a distance of 1.5 kilometres. 

Ntelamo is visiting other severely affected areas in the Daures constituency.

Spitzkoppe and Tubusis are the other affected settlements.

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Renate Rengura