Police dedication towards public service lauded

Deputy Inspector General for Operations Elias Mutota and Erongo Governor Neville Andre have lauded police dedication to public service.

Members of the force were commended at the 33rd celebration of Police Day at Walvis Bay.

It was revealed that theft,stocktheft, housebreaking, assault, and fraud are the most prevalent crimes in the Erongo region.

Out of 112 thousand cases reported countrywide, about 9 thousand cases were in Erongo during the 2022–23 financial year.

ICT Minister inaugurates nbc's office at Swakopmund

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Dr. Peya Mushelenga, has called on public media houses to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

Dr. Mushelenga, who inaugurated the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation's office in Swakopmund, has emphasised the need for public media to remain impartial and prioritise public interest above all else.

The story of the nbc Swakopmund office starts with humble beginnings.

In 1999, the headquarters sent a news crew, including a reporter and cameraman, to set up a small office at the coast.

Rehabilitation frameworks needed to avoid re-offending

Erongo Governor Neville Andre says there is a need to exchange ideas, experiences, and expertise to develop comprehensive rehabilitation frameworks that can be adapted and implemented in each country according to their specific needs and resources.

Andre said this at the official opening of the three-day interaction training for officers in charge of correctional, prison, and penitentiary facilities held at Walvis Bay.

Arandis TC services unsatisfactory

A tense community meeting unfolded at Arandis this week as residents continued to demand land and housing.

The gathering got off to a shaky start as residents initially refused to enter the community hall where discussions were scheduled to take place.

Residents of Arandis streamed to the Arandis community hall to attend a meeting called by the town council.

At first, the residents temporarily boycotted the meeting as they were asked to make a payment of N$1,500 for the venue.

White flag day commemorated

The commemoration of the 97th White Flag Day took place at Omaruru in the Erongo Region.

The day is meant to celebrate special moments and share the rich history with the upcoming generation.
The empty streets of Omaruru were filled with the sounds of traditional chanting and horse hooves clopping on the tarred road, echoing miles through the streets early on sunrise.

Delayed Court cases a cause of concern

Police Inspector General Joseph Shikongo says people are frustrated and unsatisfied with delays in court cases.

Lieutenant General Shikongo has called on police officers and public prosecutors who are attending a five-day workshop at Swakopmund to serve the public with integrity. According to the Head of Namibian Police, members of the public, ranging from street vendors to farmers, have been calling him to complain about the snail's pace at which court cases are concluded.

MP Henny Seibeb draws attention to small-scale miners

Landless People's Movement (LPM) MP Henny Seibeb presented a motion to look into the difficulties encountered by small-scale miners in the Erongo Region. The motion calls for increased recognition and support of the small miners.

Seibeb's motion provides a comprehensive account of the challenges confronting small-scale miners, whose operations play a crucial role in the local economy but are hindered by various obstacles. These challenges encompass regulatory constraints, limited access to mining areas, and the absence of adequate funding opportunities.

HR professionals urge to create productive work environments

Erongo Governor Neville Andre has urged human resources practitioners to create an environment that enables individuals to reach their full potential at work. Human resources practitioners in Namibia have gathered at Swakopmund for a two-day conference.

The 13th Annual General Meeting of the Institute of People Management is being held under the theme "Unleash, Inspire, and Connect". 

Teachers have lost passion for teaching - ||Khaibeb

Erongo Region Education Forum Chairperson Benneth ||Khaibeb lashed out at teachers in the region, whom he said have lost passion for teaching and have instead become salary collectors.

||Khaibeb voiced his concerns during the Erongo Regional Improvement Strategic Plan review meeting at Swakopmund recently.

Earlier this year, the members of the education forum visited schools to evaluate the quality of education in the region.

||Khaibeb says one of the critical issues the forum picked up was that teachers lack an understanding of the guiding principles.

Neville Andre highlights concerns about disadvantaged youth

The governor of Erongo region, Neville Andre, says young men and boys are at a disadvantage as most are drawn into negative societal issues, are uninspired, and don't strive for success.

Neville Andre, speaking at a police award event, stressed that this is a burning issue that needs intense consultative effort from all stakeholders to find ways to address it and assist young men in becoming better members of society.

Andre says drugs are the number one contributing factor that destroys the potential future of young Namibians, especially young men and boys.