Community members locked the gates of the Daure Daman Traditional Authority office at Uis because Chief Zacharias Seibeb has allegedly not responded to their petition handed over last year.

The community members are also not happy with the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, whom they say has not responded to the petition that demands the removal of the chief.

The disgruntled community members marched in the streets of Uis to shut down the Daure Daman Traditional office.

Locking the gates with padlocks, community members are adamant that Chief Seibeb has ensured they are allegedly excluded from important developments.

They also claim that community meetings are not held while the finances are mismanaged to benefit a few individuals.

Last year, the residents boycotted the Daure Daman Annual Traditional Festival held at a venue about 20 kilometres from Uis.

This year, the group decided to boycott the festival for the second time but sent some representatives to the venue to hand over the petition to Chief Seibeb, who was in attendance.

Chief Seibeb did not receive the petition in person this year, but he sent his senior traditional councillors, who informed nbc News, to schedule an appointment with the chief for a response.

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Renathe Rengura