Low prices of livestock at auctions are negatively affecting farmers in the Aminuis Constituency, threatening their livelihood.

The persistent drought has drastically caused a decline in livestock prices.

The spokesperson for farmers in the Aminus Constituency, Tiree Katjiuanjo, said it is high time that farmers themselves come up with strategies to remedy the situation.

One of the interventions is to destock to minimise the number of livestock per auction as well as improve quality.

"What has necessitated this meeting are complaints arising from auctions. We came together so that we could find a solution to this matter. Our biggest concern is the prices of livestock here compared to prices being paid out at Gobabis, which is close to us. For example, some cattle go for N$8000 in Gobabis, but here it is a mere N4000, and this affects farmers."

The group will also engage key stakeholders before they submit their final recommendation to the office of the constituency councillor and the farmers association for further deliberation.

Farmers are implored to take part in gatherings such as these to voice their concerns and plan together.



Ngarije Kavari