President of the United Nations General Assembly Dennis Francis stated that the UN faces mounting challenges amidst evolving values, war crimes, geopolitical shifts, and conflicts, despite its active interventions.

Speaking during a courtesy call with President Nangolo Mbumba, Francis said this has created the notion that the UN has become irrelevant and needs restructuring to be more impactful.

Francis underscored that the UN, rather than being a problem, remains a crucial global solution, making significant strides in preventing world war.

With 193 member states, the UN includes countries whose actions sometimes contravene laws or principles, contributing to global issues. 

Francis pointed out Russia as a custodian of peace and stability, a member of the P5 with veto power, as an example where actions such as violating laws and principles set bad precedents.

He stressed the importance of adapting the UN to contemporary challenges to uphold its role in maintaining global peace and security.

President Nangolo Mbumba also believes that major countries are not pursuing genuine global peace but rather what he refers to as "wrong peace."

Touching on the UN's ongoing efforts for structural change since its establishment in the late 1940s, Mbumba questioned whether humanity has truly progressed at all.

"Are we different than those who lived in those days? Is there any difference in the fact that war has changed us to be better human beings? I don't think so, because we continue to make the same mistakes and continue to commit the most cruel and heinous things, just like others. There's no difference between what the Romans did in those days, we still want to conquer other people's territories, and that is the real question."

Dr. Mbumba has confirmed his attendance at the Summit of the Future in September in New York, where Namibia will co-facilitate. 

He expressed regret that the late Dr. Geingob, who had a stronger UN background, will be absent.

Nevertheless, Mbumba assured that the legacy of promoting peace, stability, and humanity will continue.

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Celma Ndhikwa