Parliamentary leaders in Southern Africa are meeting in Windhoek to address pressing issues related to climate resilience, ecosystem conservation, and sustainable development.

Parliamentary leaders are promoting collaborative efforts and informed legislative action to tackle climate change effects.

Through these discussions, parliamentarians will be empowered to champion initiatives that promote climate resilience, protect ecosystems, learn about the environmental impacts of extractive industries, and drive sustainable development in the region.

"Raising awareness about environmental impact and industries emphasising sustainable practices is extremely crucial. Our efforts in the ecosystem, preservation, and climate adaptation will build resilient communities and a sustainable future."

The Speaker of the Parliament of Zimbabwe, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, wants MPs to be capacitated, especially on environmental issues.

"We are therefore faced with the members of parliament who might be politically popular, but do they have the content to conceptualise their tripartite responsibility of oversight and legislation to properly avoid misinformation or disinformation? Therefore, there is a need to capacitate."

The two-day workshop organised by the International Conservation Caucus Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is held under the theme, 'Fostering a Sustainable Future: Integrating Climate Resilience in Southern Africa'. 

The workshop is being attended by speakers and members of parliament from SADC countries.

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Selima Henock