Windhoek Golf Club members have appealed to the City of Windhoek to reduce their monthly water bills.

The following story shares the details and explains what got the club members to this point.

At the top of the Windhoek Golf Club's expenses is a staggering water bill, which amounts to about 120 000 Namibia Dollars per month. 

The club pays 8Dollar 60 cents per unit to maintain the golf course, a figure they wish the City of Windhoek could reduce to at least 2 Dollars.

According to Management Committee Member Boris  Erasmus, if the score will be settled with the City of Windhoek, the golf course - which also serves as a tourist attraction - will be maintained at a good standard.

The Vice-Captain of the Windhoek Golf Club, Toady Gurirab and its captain, Gustav Jung also weighed in on the matter and stated that paying for water at the club has been a challenge, which needs immediate intervention.

The club will continue engaging the City of Windhoek to come up with a solution as details will be shared with the public at a later stage.



Nicolaus Thiremo