The crime prevention operation launched recently at Katima Mulilo has registered success in combating crime.

The operation, which included a community policing forum, was designed to improve crime-fighting strategies in response to reports of high rates of housebreaking in Choto and other compounds.

Only two cases of housebreaking have been reported since the operation started on the 16th of January, compared to an average of two cases per day before the launch.

"If you see new faces or you see some young group emerging, you just mark that place, and then you come here, you organize yourselves with your warrant, and you go straight to that place and confirm who the people are, and you go around also during the night because this is your area; organize yourselves during the night and go place to place so that you understand your environment," said Commissioner Andreas Shilelo, Police Regional Commander: Zambezi.

During the operation, 170 summonses related to offenses worth more than N$130 000 were issued, and eighty-four illegal immigrants from Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Uganda were also arrested.

"There are 70 Zambian nationals, some of them were here in all the locations, Zimbabweans, they are 6, Angolans, they are 6, Ghanaians, one, and Uguanda, one."

The drug law enforcement forces confiscated contraband, including prohibited cigarettes with a street value of more than N$4,000.

Lack of plot numbers in areas such as Diary and Makaravan east and west settlements were some of the challenges experienced during the operation.

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Sililo Mubiana