Kukuri defends integrity of the judiciary

The Executive Director of the Judiciary, Bernhardt Kukuri has defended the integrity of the judiciary, stating that judges adhere to a strict code of conduct and maintain independence from any external influences.
Kukuri was responding to allegations suggesting that judges are influenced or controlled by specific institutions or individuals parliamentarians on Legal Affairs at Swakopmund.

The Judiciary's Executive Director was responding to questions from members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Legal Affairs, at Swakopmund.

Namibia to experience crisis of retiring High Court and Supreme Court judges 

Both the High Court and Supreme Court are to be hit by the retirement of a number of judges within the next five years.

Chief Justice Peter Shivute describes this as a national concern, as far as how the departing judges will be replaced.

There are five permanent judges of appeal at the Supreme Court and thirty at the High Court.

The anticipated retirements that will have an impact on the courts of law are explained as occurring for personal reasons prior to retirement age.

The process of replacing and recruiting judges is already proving difficult.