The Executive Director of the Judiciary, Bernhardt Kukuri has defended the integrity of the judiciary, stating that judges adhere to a strict code of conduct and maintain independence from any external influences.
Kukuri was responding to allegations suggesting that judges are influenced or controlled by specific institutions or individuals parliamentarians on Legal Affairs at Swakopmund.

The Judiciary's Executive Director was responding to questions from members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Legal Affairs, at Swakopmund.

Kukuri maintained that judges follow a code of conduct and any judgment can be reviewed through an appeal. 

Moreover, the ED explained that his office goes the extra mile in ensuring that judges and magistrates are protected from influence. 

"Even when we book them in a hotel we have to check first, do we have a case against this hotel, those are the things because we want to remove this perception that there is a collaboration by the judicial officers under duress or some other conniving by other parties."

Kukuri called on the lawmakers to support and assist initiatives that deepen the independence of the judiciary.




Renate Rengura