Kukuri defends integrity of the judiciary

The Executive Director of the Judiciary, Bernhardt Kukuri has defended the integrity of the judiciary, stating that judges adhere to a strict code of conduct and maintain independence from any external influences.
Kukuri was responding to allegations suggesting that judges are influenced or controlled by specific institutions or individuals parliamentarians on Legal Affairs at Swakopmund.

The Judiciary's Executive Director was responding to questions from members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Legal Affairs, at Swakopmund.

President Geingob urges Judiciary to address concerns of delayed court cases

President Hage Geingob has called on the Judiciary to address concerns about court rolls being full and cases taking too long to finalize.

Speaking at the opening of the Judiciary's 2023 legal year in Windhoek, Geingob emphasized that the government is aware of the financial constraints it faces.

Noted challenges include a shortage of judicial officers, limited court infrastructure, and a lack of availability of qualified legal practitioners to take positions on the bench as judicial officers.

President Geingob urges Judiciary to explore alternative funding models

President Hage Geingob has implored the Judiciary to explore various alternative dispute settlement mechanisms to alleviate caseloads in the court roll and to ensure access to justice is affordable to all citizens.

Dr. Geingob opened the Judiciary's 2023 Legal Year in Windhoek a while ago, saying the government took note of the financial constraints.

He, however, praised the Judiciary's resilience in ensuring that access to justice is not compromised.