Kunene's unemployed youth feel hopeless


Young people in remote areas of the Kunene Region say they are willing to get out of their comfort zone and make a living, but due to underdevelopment and a lack of opportunities in their areas, they are hopeless. 

The nbc's Investigative Unit Producer, Gordon Joseph, travelled to Otjikondavirongo Village in the Kunene Region, where young people there told stories of their daily struggles. 

Namibia is often credited with having some of the best roads in Africa and has made significant strides in providing access to education, health care, and clean drinking water.

Kunene farmers advised to destock to mitigate loss


Sesfontein Constituency Councillor and Chairperson of the Kunene Regional Council, Hendrik Gaobaeb, has urged farmers in his constituency to sell their cattle in a bid to mitigate the losses they currently experience as a result of the severe drought. 

Like many parts of Namibia, Sesfontein has been ravished by a severe drought that has seen the deaths of livestock by many communal farmers. 

He said even commercial farmers are financially crippled by the loss of livestock as a result of the drought. 

Police record 12 incidents of baby dumping in three months


Between January and March 2024, the police recorded 12 incidents of baby dumping.

This the police say is alarming, as there are a number of authorised places, such as schools, hospitals, and churches, where mothers can leave a newborn without being charged.

This adds to the tally of over 50 infants dumped in 2023.

The trend is worrisome for authorities and child rights activists, considering the new childcare act makes provision for new mothers to leave infants in the care of authorised persons.

Men urged to commit to a more inclusive world for women


The Deputy Minister of Marginalised Communities, Royal Ui|o|oo has called on men to collectively commit to forging a more inclusive world for women. 

He made the remarks while addressing a workshop promoting women's participation in the upcoming elections in the capital today.

|Ui|o|oo said there is a need to redress gender inequalities and eradicate all forms of discrimination against women of all ages in all spheres of life, including women's participation and representation in positions of power and decision-making at all levels.

Liberation Struggle veteran welcomes Independence celebrations at Katima Mulilo



A veteran of the Liberation Struggle, Ellen Musialela, has welcomed the government’s decision to host Namibia’s 34th Independence celebrations at Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region. 

The region, at the time known as the Caprivi Strip, was an important gateway to freedom, with many freedom fighters and refugees crossing into neighbouring Zambia through the area. 

While the Caprivi Strip was initially isolated, by the 1970s, more and more Namibians were crossing into exile through Caprivi. 

ST Joseph Primary School marks Constitution Day


The Office of the Ombudsman celebrated Constitution Day on Friday at St. Joseph Primary School in Rehoboth. The event was attended by Grade 7 learners in Rehoboth.

Friday marked the 34th anniversary of the adoption of the Namibian Constitution.

The event, which was also attended by the Ombudsman, Basilius Dyakugha, also saw the distribution of copies of the Namibian constitution as well as stationery to the learners in attendance.

Hardap Education Director Gerhard Ndafenongo held an information session with learners about their rights.

Kaptein Herbert George Britz of Rehoboth Baster community celebrates Geingob's life


Kaptein Herbert George Britz of the Rehoboth Baster community has described President Dr. Hage Geingob's life as complete in his service and purpose on earth and as a servant of the people. 

Britz joined traditional leaders from all over Namibia who continue to celebrate Geingob's life and legacy.

Flanked by his Kaptein's council members, Kaptein Britz said Sunday, May 4, was a dark day for the Baster Community and all Namibians.

President Geingob described as an internationalist


As the world continues to reflect on the life and impact of the late President Hage Geingob, some in civil society and the local media credit him with positioning Namibia as a respected voice on the international stage.

A charismatic man who expertly understood geopolitics and international relations, Geingob has been credited with thrusting Namibia onto the global stage, using international platforms to expound Namibia's position on global conflicts.