NamPol gears for festive season


The festive season is rapidly drawing nearer, and the police are gearing up for their festive season crime prevention and road safety initiatives.

Inspector General Joseph Shikongo addressed officials in his preparatory meeting for the national festive season crime prevention and road safety operation at the national headquarters in the capital.

Shikongo stressed the need for community engagement and partnerships, emphasising that the support and cooperation of citizens are essential in preventing and combating crime.

NAMPOL vows to root out criminals


The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police says they will not rest until Namibia is rid of criminals who are disturbing peace in communities and among tourists.

Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo made the announcement during the launch of the month-end operation.

The month-end patrol came out of the preparation meeting for the festive season operations.

The operation will be conducted in all corners of the city.

Lieutenant General Shikongo therefore called on the force to serve the communities they pledged to protect.

Disabled teen allegedly raped, impregnated


The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) is investigating a case of rape after a 19-year-old girl living with Down syndrome was allegedly raped and impregnated at an unknown time by an unknown suspect in Havana informal settlement, Windhoek.

According to NamPol spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, the matter only came to light after the victim started complaining about abdominal aches and was subsequently diagnosed with a 13-week pregnancy.

Lieutenant General Shikongo pledges to protect journalists


Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo has vowed that the Namibian Police will ensure and uphold the safeguarding and protection of journalists in the country.

The Inspector General was speaking at the Training of Trainers Workshop on Freedom of Expression and the Safety of Journalists in Windhoek.

"As the Inspector General, I am here today to make a pledge that we will continue ensuring the safe guarding and protection of journalists and the freedom of expression by the public."

NamPol Chief concerned over increased use of drugs in the country


The Inspector General of the Namibian Police is concerned over the increased use of drugs in the country.

Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo says the most commonly used drugs in the country are cannabis, mandrax, heroin, meth, crack cocaine, and power.

He says Namibia was only a drug transit country, but today the country has become drug-consuming, which is worrisome.

Neville Andre highlights concerns about disadvantaged youth


The governor of Erongo region, Neville Andre, says young men and boys are at a disadvantage as most are drawn into negative societal issues, are uninspired, and don't strive for success.

Neville Andre, speaking at a police award event, stressed that this is a burning issue that needs intense consultative effort from all stakeholders to find ways to address it and assist young men in becoming better members of society.

Andre says drugs are the number one contributing factor that destroys the potential future of young Namibians, especially young men and boys.

NamPol siezes drugs worth N$1,5 million


Erongo Law Enforcement Takes Down Drug Operations in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

In a significant crackdown, Erongo law enforcement authorities have successfully confiscated drugs with an estimated value of N$1.5 million in operations conducted at Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

Seven Namibian nationals are now in custody following separate arrests.

WEEKEND CRIME | NAMPOL report four suicides and one sudden death


WEEKEND CRIME | The Namibian Police report four suicides and one sudden death over the weekend.

A senior citizen, 72-year-old Julius Hengombe, was found hanging from a wire under a tree at the Ojikango Ekwenya village in the Otjozondjpa Region. No suicide note was found.

26-year-old Ndara Eveline Mbava was found hanging from a tree with a piece of cloth around her neck. The incident occurred in the bushes at the Mabiye beach area next to the Kavango river.

Nkurenkuru Police Station inaugurated


The Namibian Police are making significant progress in infrastructural development in all 14 regions.

This was said by the Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security, Dr. Albert Kawana, when he inaugurated the Nkurenkuru Police Station in the country's youngest region, Kavango West.

The station, constructed at a cost of more than N$108 million, consists of a charge office, four holding cells, 42 offices, a doctor's consulting room, cell blocks, four vehicles, fuel tanks, and various other amenities.