Call to combine drought relief and feeding programmes in Tsumkwe


Tsumkwe Constituency Councillor Johannes Haufiku has called on the Office of the Prime Minister to combine the drought relief food aid and feeding programmes for marginalised communities in his area.

In an interview with nbc News, Haufiku says food parcels do not reach all intended beneficiaries, despite many households and individuals needing food aid.

According to Haufiku, households listed for the marginalised feeding programme receive food parcels quarterly but do not qualify for drought relief aid, which is distributed monthly through the constituency office. 

Plans underway to drill two new boreholes at Tsumkwe settlement


Plans are underway to drill two boreholes at the Tsumkwe settlement as the influx of people continues to put pressure on the authorities to provide basic services such as water and sanitation.

This was revealed by regional councillor Johannes Haufiku, who stated that the boreholes would provide much-needed relief to the more than 5,000 people who live there.

At the moment, the water is sparingly shared from six boreholes, whose water pressure also serves the two government schools with a population of 1200 learners and 42 teachers.

Tsumkwe Councillor and WAD train unemployed youths in short courses


The Councillor for the Tsumkwe Constituency, Johannes Haufiku, with the Women's Action for Development, has undertaken to train unemployed youths in short courses.

The training comes after the San people did not make it through recruitment in the Namibia Defence Force as a result of their low level of education.

The majority of those absorbed for training are women and young girls, most of whom are school dropouts.