Stakeholders hold border control meeting


The Directorate of Immigration and Border Control for the Oshikoto, Ohangwena, and Omusati regions is meeting in the Ohangwena Region to assess and identify possible additional entry points for gazetting. 

Also in attendance are officials from the Ohangwena Regional Council, the Namibian Police, and the Roads Fund Administration, among other stakeholders. 

There are observations of an increase in the movements of people and trading through ungazatted points in the Ohangwena Region to and from southern Angola.

Northern regions ready for drought relief food distribution


The disaster risk management warehouse at Uukwangula, Oshana Region, which houses drought relief food for the Omusati, Kunene, Oshikoto, Ohangwena, and Oshana regions, is operational and ready to distribute food to the beneficiaries.

Currently, there are a total of 48,030 bottles of 750-ml cooking oil to be distributed in the Oshana Region over the next three months.

Other food items in the warehouse are 17,395 soya mince soup sachets and 17,894 bags of 20 kg of maize meal.

Malaria cases expected to increase significantly during rainy season


Namibia has recorded a total of 1,345 malaria cases since November 2023 in malaria-prone regions.

Cases are expected to increase significantly during the rainy season.

Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Ester Muinjangue, highlighted the ministry's concerns in an interview with nbc News.

Malaria cases have been on the rise in malaria-endemic regions.

Of the total 1,345 cases recorded nationwide, 133 were found to be severe and resulted in hospital admission.

Omusati Police to increase visibility


Omusati police will intensify their presence and visibility in the community by executing random patrols to maintain law and order and ensure that people are safe during the festive season.

This was stated by Omusati Police Regional Commander Ismael Basson in an interview with nbc News.

Commissioner Basson says he wants the festive season to be safe, peaceful, and crime-free.

He advised drivers travelling to various destinations to drive carefully to arrive alive and ensure the safety of their passengers.

Omusati residents welcome rain


Omusati residents welcomed the much-awaited rain, which brought relief to both humans and animals.

Some of those we spoke to at Omaulai village say they have been receiving showers for the past few days, but last night's rainfall filled oshanas with water.

Some crop farmers can, however, not start to plough their fields as some are too wet and some are partly submerged.

People who settled in flood-prone areas have started to feel the pinch, with some residents blaming the headmen and women for allocating plots to desperate land seekers on waterways.

NamWater devises long-term solutions


NamWater is planning to develop the new Olushandja Waste Water Treatment Plant in the Omusati Region to increase water supply to the western and southern parts of the region.

NamWater Chief Executive Officer Abraham Nehemiah says in the past 5 years they have been experiencing serious water interruptions, especially during the dry season.

Thus, he says, there is a need to find an amicable solution to the problem.

Design consultants for the new Olushandja Treatment Plant have already been appointed.

Eye camp concludes for 2023


Renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Helena Ndume, along with a dedicated team of medical professionals, has concluded this year's free eye clinic at Oshakati Intermediate Hospital with a focus on removing cataracts and restoring vision to patients.

This initiative has brought new hope and transformed the lives of 2,410 patients, comprised mainly of the elderly, in the Ohangwena, Omusati, Oshana, Kunene, and Kavango West regions.

Cataracts, a common cause of vision loss, have left many individuals struggling with impaired sight.

INTERVIEW | Water Canal revamp in northern Namibia


Residents of Oluthalweegolo, Uuvudhiya, and Ondjungulume villages are rejoicing as the revamped Water Canal's water flow has brought relief to both humans and livestock.

The Olushandja-Uuvudhiya canal's revamp is being spearheaded by NamWater and the Oshana, Omusati, and Oshikoto regional councils, all of which are set to benefit from it.

nbc News Reporter Ndapanda Shuuya has the details.

Oral Health Week launched


The Omusati, Oshana, and Ohangwena regions have taken a significant step towards promoting oral health and hygiene by jointly launching Oral Health Week.

The initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of dental care and encourage the community to prioritise their oral well-being.

Oral Health Week is a campaign aimed at educating residents in both urban and rural areas about the significance of maintaining good oral hygiene practices.