A 48-year-old man died at Katima Mulilo's Chotto compound after a hand grenade detonated.

The grenade victim was home with his family after it is presumed he picked up the grenade earlier.

His family remembers him hitting the object, unknown to them at the time, with a stick.

"I saw what happened to my father; he was holding a short plank that looked like a pounding stick. He was moving it up and down like this, and when he left it, it exploded, and all I saw was darkness. That's when I rushed there to call my elder sister and told her to come to see what happened to our father," described his daughter Nakachana Mwiya of the incident.

By the time the dust had settled, her father was lying motionless on the ground, bleeding from his chest.

The object, as police officers from the explosives division would later confirm, was a hand grenade mounted to a stick pin.

Mwiya says her father had planned to remove what he identified as copper inside.

"When he returned from work, he showed me that plank and said, "Look, I picked this up at work, and I will use it to seal my damaged pots."

The investigation into the incident continues.


Sililo Mubiana