Residents of Zambezi call for efforts to develop agricultural sector in the region

Residents of Zambezi believe that agriculture if given the necessary attention, investment and support, can develop into a driving force for economic development and job creation in their region.

They say the region has untapped agricultural resources and capabilities that have not been fully utilized or supported for many years.

Residents shared their views during a meeting with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources and Community Development at Katima Mulilo.

Roads Authority plans to expand some of its roads in Zambezi

The Roads Authority plans to expand some of its roads in the Zambezi region. 

Lutombi said this at the signing of a memorandum of agreement between the Katima Mulilo town council, Road Fund Administration and Roads Authority.

Lutombi said, apart from the Katima Mulilo road projects expected in the next five years under the MoA, the roads authority will in addition work on the region's key roads as well.

RFA, Katima Mulilo, RA sign MoA for rehabilitation of key roads

A five-year memorandum of agreement to assist with rehabilitating and upgrading roads in Katima Mulilo was signed between the Katima Mulilo Town Council, Road Fund Administration and Roads Authority.

The town council's Chief Executive Officer Rafael Liswaniso said the long-awaited development would not only transform the town but also bring economic growth.

Truck carrying bags of copper concentrate overturn along Trans Caprivi highway

A case of reckless and negligent driving has been registered at the Katima Mulilo Police Station after a truck overturned along the Trans Caprivi highway.

The incident took place at Liselo, 15 Kilometers west of Katima Mulilo after the driver allegedly lost control and overturned.

Acting Regional Commander for Zambezi, Deputy Commissioner, Joseph Nehemia, said the truck, coming from Zambia, was carrying bags of copper concentrate and headed to Walvis Bay.

Zambezi Police concerned about possible health hazard from an overflowing manhole

The police at Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region, are concerned about the possible health hazard at the station emanating from an overflowing manhole.

The station commander, Inspector Charles Mayumbelo, says that the manhole has been overflowing for years.

Mayumbelo says the blockage and overflow have now become a weekly problem with no permanent solution.

"We have to make sure that prisoners are removed from cell to cell; it's also a health hazard to them like us, so that's why we are appealing to whoever is concerned to come to our rescue."

National African Student's Association launches national 10,000-membership campaign

The National African Student's Association (NASA) has launched its national 10,000-membership campaign at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region.

The student representative body hopes to register students from UNAM's Katima campus as well as the Zambezi Vocational Training Centre.

Speaking at the event, the association's president, Paulus Vihemba, said the aim is to register new members from all of the country's 14 regions.

Tulikonge Water Express inaugurated

The Tulikonge Water Express was inaugurated at Katima Mulilo  in the Zambezi Region to supplement government efforts in water transport.

The boat, valued at more than N$670,000, was assembled out of the desire for affordable recreation and transportation for residents of Katima Mulilo and the region at large.

The boat was assembled locally with local materials, partially funded by the government through the Ministry of Trade and Industrialization, with more than N$201,000 used to purchase one of the two engines and other materials.

Caprivi Concerned Group calls for release of UDP members arrested at Kaliyangile Village

Members of the Caprivi Concerned Group staged a demonstration at Katima Mulilo, calling for the release of five members of the UDP who were arrested at Kaliyangile Village.

The United Democratic Party (UDP), representing people from the Zambezi who are advocating for the secession of the region, was banned in 2006 from holding meetings in Namibia.

Five UDP members who are in custody are Benjamin Kubona, Harris Mushe, Lister Mubonda, Ben Kumpoma, and Derick Ziambo.

They were arrested for conducting an illegal meeting on April 25.

The Zambezi Bream Easter annual festival is underway at Katima Mulilo

The Zambezi Bream Easter annual festival is underway at Katima Mulilo.

This is the second time the festival is taking place.

It brought together SME owners and agencies that are exhibiting their products amid cultural performances.

Speaking to the nbc News team, one of the organizers, Ronald Mutakela, said the event is not only bringing a culture of business to the town, but it also gives young and mostly unemployed residents a chance to make a living as well.

Man crushes into compound

The driver of a Mazda drove into a house in the Chotto compound in Katima Mulilo.

The driver, who was taken into police custody, was tested at the scene, and his alcohol level was found to be over the limit.

The owner of the house, Mutinta Sitali, was still in disbelief as the accident took place while she was in the room that was driven into.