A three-judge Supreme Court bench has dashed all hopes of bail for six 'Fishrot' accused when it dismissed their appeal against the High Court's refusal to grant bail.

The appellants challenged a discrepancy between the transcribed version and the signed version of April 11, 2022, judgment.

However, the Supreme Court ordered in its judgment that paragraph 81 of the signed judgment be removed so as not to conflict with the transcribed one.

The Supreme Court also dismissed the appellants' arguments that all charges based on the Prevention of Organized Crime Act are fatally flawed.

The court further said that none of the appellants gave evidence under oath in respect of the money flow from the documentary evidence gathered.

The court observed that the state followed the money trail, which was corroborated by supporting documentation in respect of quotas allocated, payments made, the accounts in which the payments were made, the recipients, and further distribution of the funds.

The court said large amounts of the N$317 million ended up in the accounts of the appellants.

From the evidence gathered, the state has established a strong case against all the accused, according to the court.

The appellants did not make out a case for their release on bail and did not establish on the balance of probabilities that they would not abscond considering the serious charges against them, the judges argued.

Also, given the closeness of the accused to each other through family ties, employment relations, and business relationships and the alleged attempts to interfere with evidence, the likelihood exists that they will do the same when released on bail.


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