Murder accused Azaan Madisia has apologized to the court and her victim Shannon Wasserfall's family for the fatal incident, saying she wishes she had spoken out earlier.

Madisia told the court that her internet search on how long forensic reports take in Namibia was for personal reasons and was in no way related to the "Shannon Wasserfall" case.

Madisia testified that she is an avid watcher of the Discovery and National Geographic channels, hence her interest in the subject matter.

The 30-year-old stands accused of killing her friend, Wasserfall, and hiding her body in a shallow grave.

Apart from her search on forensic reports on her work computer, Madisia also searched on how MTC traces a number.

She admitted that she wanted to know if MTC would be able to trace the number back to her after she sent anonymous texts detailing exactly where Wasserfall's body could be found.

During the murder trial, the 30-year-old also admitted lying about where and how exactly Wasserfall died, first stating that she pushed Late Wasserfall into the garage, where she fell and hit her head on a table.

She later said that the altercation took place in her bedroom, where she pushed Wasserfall, who then tumbled over the bed and hit her head against the wall.

In September 2020, Madisia made arrangements to replace the normal tiles in her apartment with vinyl flooring.

The state alleged that she replaced the flooring to hinder evidence related to Wasserfall's death, but the murder accused testified in front of Judge Christie Liebenberg that it was purely done for decorative purposes.

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