High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg has postponed the trial of murder suspects Azaan Madisia and Steven Mulundu to March 27 and 28 for closing arguments.

The siblings are alleged to have committed the murder of Shannon Wasserfall in April 2020 and thereafter buried her body in a shallow grave in the dunes of Walvis Bay.

The prosecution has presented its case, calling multiple witnesses and presenting evidence, including forensic evidence, to support its case against the accused.

On their part, the defense has maintained the innocence of their clients throughout the trial and has cross-examined prosecution witnesses to undermine their testimony.

The bone of contention that the court needs to determine is whether it was murder or culpable homicide.

The trial has attracted significant public attention, and the victim's family eagerly anticipates the verdict.

However, in light of the complex legal issues involved in the case, Justice Liebenberg has decided to postpone the trial to allow sufficient time for the defense and prosecution to prepare their closing arguments.

The accused are remanded in custody until the conclusion of the trial.

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Daniel Nadunya