This year marks the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Commonwealth Charter, which was signed by the late Queen Elizabeth in 2013. 

The Charter expresses the commitment of member states to the development of free and democratic societies and the promotion of peace and prosperity to improve the lives of all the people of the Commonwealth.

The Charter also acknowledges the role of civil society in supporting the goals and values of the Commonwealth.

"The Commonwealth can play an indecipherable role in the most pressing issues of our time. The Commonwealth has an opportunity and responsibility to create a genuine future that offers prosperity in harmony with nature," said Lucas Muha, the Chairperson of the National Council.

Speaking at the commemoration day, the Dean of the Commonwealth Mission in Namibia, Hishamuddin Ibrahim, noted that the organization was created with 16 core values and principles that include democracy, human rights, peace, security, freedom of expression, good governance, gender equality, and sustainable development.

"The Commonwealth will also ensure that no country will colonize or dominate another in any way," said Ibrahim, adding that "we are indeed concerned with the effects of the current instability in the world, especially with the ongoing Ukraine and Russia war that has impacted the economic and social conditions and livelihoods of people, including the citizens of the Commonwealth. It is our hope that the war will come to an end soon to ensure the continued maintenance of people and their ability to ensure the improvement of all people's lives."

Namibia joined the Commonwealth in 1990 after developing close ties with the organization and adopting English as its official language.

Joyce Nakuta is the acting secretary for the National Assembly. "Namibia is a proud part of the Commonwealth, and association is not just of shared values but of common purpose and joint action."

The Commonwealth has 56 member states and a population of 2.5 billion people, of which 1.5 million are under the age of 30. 

The day is celebrated under the theme "Forging a sustainable and peaceful common future."

This theme combines the active commitment of member states to support the promotion of peace, prosperity, and sustainability through climate action to secure a better future and improve the lives of all Commonwealth citizens

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