The public can now apply for passports and short-term employment permits (work visas) online.

The service will be available on the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security's website at https://eservices.mhaiss.gov.na.

The service was launched under the theme "Moving to a Digital World."

The Executive Director in the Ministry, Etienne Maritz, noted that their clients lose valuable time by spending time in long queues trying to apply for these documents. Hence, this will improve service delivery in the ministry.

Launching the online service, Minister Albert Kawana noted that the work visas that will be issued online will be valid for a period of six months.

He says the ministry will always work towards improving its services by benchmarking them with those of other countries.

Forms for these documents will be filled out online, necessary documents can be uploaded online, payment will be done online, and the visa will also be received online.

Clients can also track the status of their application on the website and via SMS, and they can make their own appointments for document collection.

This app is accessible on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones.

The service will result in shorter queues, less paperwork for clients and ministry staff, optimal staff utilization, the elimination of the use of agents, cash and money paid online going straight to the state revenue account, and it will also allow effective accountability of illegal dealing in national documents, according to Kawana.

The service will be available on the website starting today.



July Nafuka