Being the catalyst for empowering young people in the country, the Ministry of Sport, Youth, and National Service has embarked on a week-long seminar at Omaheke's Otjinene Constituency.

The meeting is aimed at equipping young people with skills in education, health-related matters, and business.

Speaking at the official opening of the workshop at Otjinene, regional youth officer Jefta Mbuende said youngsters need to be capacitated with the few resources available to be part of the regional development.

Mbuende added that it is expected of the young people to come up with working income-generating plans after the completion of the seminar.

"The issue of health and social services makes young people frustrated; we high school dropouts and teenage pregnancies because of poverty; our parents cannot afford to pay school fees; the issue of alcohol abuse is another concern; the issue of early marriage is another concern; it's pitching among those will be the topic of the day; then consider more on SME's, more especially on agriculture."

The Board Chairperson of the Usiel Ndjavera Primary School, Ngondi Muundjua, encouraged young people to work hand in hand with schools to nurture upcoming youngsters.

"Information regarding the challenges on education, the learners who are using drugs of all types, and the learners who are going to drop out of school due to pregnancy were discussed by parents and youngsters who attended the meeting."

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Ministry of Sport, Youth, and National Service


Ngarije Kavari