||Kharas Governor Aletha Frederick sourced the donation from Old Mutual and the Rani Group after her office learned of the shortage of printing papers at schools.

"I attended a meeting that was held by education authorities at Suiderlig with the parents and Grade 11 and AS level students, and one of the interventions that were proposed that day was to make sure that Grade 11 and AS level learners have syllabi to make sure that teachers are not skipping topics and teaching in class, and they were in need of photocopy papers. And all of us know the learners that are coming to attend school; they are coming from different backgrounds, and you found those ones coming from vulnerable backgrounds."

Old Mutual also donated toiletries, which will be given to learners residing at the Blouwes Primary School Community Hostel. Anike van Niekerk spoke on behalf of Old Mutual at the handing-over ceremony.

"It is a privilege and an honor to be here with you today, and especially to contribute towards our education by providing some copy paper. We all know it is a very expensive need today, and we cannot do anything without copy paper, especially when it comes to education. I am also glad that we contribute some toiletries for children in need."

||Kharas Education Directorate Circuit Inspector Ryan Assegaai welcomed the donation.

"I would like to call on the principals and acting principals here. When we go back to school, this should be used for the purpose it was sought for and should be for the syllabus of the Grade 11 and AS Level learners. If we have learners that cannot contribute, we still have to keep on asking from those that can, and we can still fill up from what the schools can do or assist the learners with, but this will go on the syllabus and not for letters going to the parents, please."

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