The late Deputy Kaptein Stephanus Goliaths funeral preparations in full swing


Preparations are in full swing for the state funeral of the late Deputy Kaptein and Swapo Party liberation struggle stalwart Stephanus Goliath.

nbc News reporter Luqman Cloete and Camera Operator Simon Isaak were on the ground to hear from those tasked with the preparations of the burial. 

The Control Officer within the Ministry of Works and Transport, Gabriel Nakale, says preparations are well on track for the state funeral of the late Kaptein Goliath. 

//Kharas Governor Aletha Frederick calls for unity among young people


||Kharas Governor Aletha Frederick has called for unity among young people when confronting the challenges facing them.

She made the call while engaging youth from Karasburg East Constituency at Karasburg. 

The youth empowerment meeting was attended by officials from government ministries and the vice chairperson of the National Youth Council Board of Directors.

The governor says she created the platform for youth to come up with proposals on how to address unemployment and poverty in their communities.