||Kharas Governor Aletha Frederick has called for unity among young people when confronting the challenges facing them.

She made the call while engaging youth from Karasburg East Constituency at Karasburg. 

The youth empowerment meeting was attended by officials from government ministries and the vice chairperson of the National Youth Council Board of Directors.

The governor says she created the platform for youth to come up with proposals on how to address unemployment and poverty in their communities. 

"This is a platform for you, and you are the one that should speak, not the governor necessarily; you are the one that should say, this is what we want as young people; this is our concern, this is because we want to have that discussion and conversation that is bottom-up and not top-down,"

NYC's Board Vice-Chairperson Josef Petrus warned young people against division among themselves.

"You are first young before you belong to any political party, you are first young before you are of whatever community you are, and your interest must first be youth development, how do you develop young people in your community to be about the best interest of the community and country, and lastly for yourselves, we must stay away from divisive agendas."

Young people at the occasion expressed dismay at what they termed a lack of information on government youth empowerment programmes.

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The Namibian
Luqman Cloete