The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Peya Mushelenga, has reiterated the importance of training communications officers in the public sector as they prepare for the implementation of the Access to Information Act.

Dr. Mushelenga made these remarks at the ministry's weeklong training for communications officers at Oshakati.

The training is being attended by over 50 communication officers from different public institutions. 

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Mushelenga reminded them about the public's right to timely access information from government institutions.

The minister says the government remains committed to ensuring freedom of the press as well as access to information, and this training aims to instill good practices in the management of public affairs.

"This training workshop will avail you of opportunities to dissect the complexities experienced in the implementation of access to information. It will further enable you to interact and learn from one another, with the view of learning from previous errors and building on the foundation of past successes."

The communication officers are upbeat about the training workshop and eager to be empowered with the skills that will ensure the successful implementation of the Act.

Last week, a similar workshop was held at Otjiwarongo and attended by communication officers from the central and southern parts of the country.



Ndapanda Shuuya