The Zambezi Bream Easter annual festival is underway at Katima Mulilo.

This is the second time the festival is taking place.

It brought together SME owners and agencies that are exhibiting their products amid cultural performances.

Speaking to the nbc News team, one of the organizers, Ronald Mutakela, said the event is not only bringing a culture of business to the town, but it also gives young and mostly unemployed residents a chance to make a living as well.

Mutakela said stalls, which initially cost N$1,300, were reduced to N$800 to accommodate targeted business owners who couldn't afford to pay more.

Tracy Shamalaza and Ronald Siyunda, who are exhibiting their products for the first time and selling food at the event, say that although the initial day started out slow, they hope that it will pick up and that their individual businesses will gain exposure.

The two-day event, which commenced on Saturday, will end on Sunday.

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Juliet Sibeso