Residents of Zambezi believe that agriculture if given the necessary attention, investment and support, can develop into a driving force for economic development and job creation in their region.

They say the region has untapped agricultural resources and capabilities that have not been fully utilized or supported for many years.

Residents shared their views during a meeting with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources and Community Development at Katima Mulilo.

During the meetings, residents also expressed their concerns about abandoned projects in the region.

They specifically mentioned Katima Farm and the Crocodile Farm in Kongola. 

They believe that these projects if revitalized and properly managed, can create jobs and contribute to food production on a larger scale.

The residents also highlighted the lack of effective dissemination of information regarding tenders and funding opportunities within the region and the nation as a whole.

They stressed the importance of improving access to such information, which they noted as crucial to enabling businesses to thrive and expand.



Juliet Sibeso