Ignatius Kariseb has been re-elected as Omaheke Regional Council's Chairperson, while Piniel Pakarae and Wenzel Kavaka of Epukiro and Otjombinde Constituencies are members of the management committee.

In his acceptance speech, Kariseb promised to foster unity among the council members for the benefit of regional development.

A pressing issue on the table that needs to be addressed is youth unemployment.

The council has also resolved to set aside N$17 million for the construction of the Ovambenderu Traditional Authority office at Omauezonjanda, the Maharero Traditional Authority office, and the renovation of the Batsawana Ba Namibia Traditional Authority office.

"By working together, we will overcome challenges and unlock the full potential of our region. I assure you, I will lead this council with fairness, respect, and unwavering commitment to our shared vision. My doors will always be open, as in the past, and I welcome your ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism. Let us see this opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on our region and leave a legacy that future generations will be proud of, on behalf of the newly elected members of the Omaheke regional council and with the support of the council and the people of this region."

Also witnessing the election was the Omaheke Regional Governor, Pijoo Nganate. "We need to roll up all our sleeves and work so that we put this region, which ranks third poorest in the whole country in terms of unemployment and elitism, on the road to recovery so that our people can live a dignified life, especially the future generations."

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Ngarije Kavari