The Christian community in Rundu, in the Kavango East Region, has joined the nationwide demonstration in denouncing the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriages solemnised outside Namibia.

They expressed concern that this ruling could establish a precedent for future legal challenges against laws criminalising sodomy and other same-sex practises.

The demonstrators marched through the streets of the town to express their opposition to the Supreme Court ruling.

The ruling mandates that the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security recognise same-sex marriages conducted in other jurisdictions when entering Namibia.

During the demonstration, Pastor Norbert Mukuve read out a petition stating that the ruling failed to consider the opinions, customs, norms, and moral values of the majority.

"The ruling does not represent Namibian society but rather is a reminder of the pre-independence dispensation, where the values of the few became the standard of all. In essence, this decision has redefined the term "marriage". It is only a matter of time before this definition will be applied to laws beyond immigration."

Mukuve argues that unlike South Africa's constitution, which the Court relied upon to influence its decision, the Namibian Constitution clearly protects the institution of family, which is the essence of marriage.

"Basing the ruling upon the Common Law principles also sets the groundwork for Namibia to recognise any other marriages validly concluded in a foreign jurisdiction that may be inconsistent and contrary to our laws, such as the recognition of child marriage, incestuous marriage, polygamy, and bigamy. Notwithstanding the statement of the Court that the ruling will only apply to the matter before it, the Court has created a precedent that all other courts are bound to follow."

Kavango East Governor, Bonifatius Wakudumo, received the petition addressed to the Head of State.



Chris Kupulo