Stateless and undocumented persons flood kavango East office


The Home Affairs office at Rundu is inundated with stateless and undocumented persons who turned up for the mass registration process over the past few weeks. 

Stateless and undocumented people of all ages have been flooding the home affairs building in the hopes of getting registered and possibly qualifying for Namibian social grants. 

That is the word on the street, but the Deputy Director of Civil Registration in the northeast, Fillemon Shipena, says they have been misinformed. 

Japanese delegation assesses impact of health sector assistance in Kavango East


A delegation comprising Japanese Ambassador Hisao Nishimaki, UN Resident Coordinator Hopolang Phororo, and UNICEF Country Representative Sam Ocran visited the Rundu Intermediary Hospital in the Kavango East Region recently.
The visit was part of an impact assessment of Japanese assistance to the Kavango East health sector.
The Kavango East Region's population of close to 220,000 is served by 31 health facilities, 28 health centres and clinics, two district hospitals, and the Rundu Intermediate Referral Hospital. 

Japan continues support for education and agriculture in Namibia


Japan has, to date, dispatched more than 100 teachers across different schools, while the construction of additional classrooms in Namibia continues.

Funded through Japan's "Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects' programme, Namibia has been a beneficiary of school buildings and around 300 classrooms since 1997.

Japan's Ambassador to Namibia provided an update on this and other matters of mutual concern between the two countries to President Nangolo Mbumba at State House.

Four minors suspected of food poisoning laid to rest in mass grave in Kavango East


Four minors from Livaye Village in Kavango East who died from suspected food poisoning were buried in a mass grave over the weekend.

Eight children initially ate the food, of whom four died and the others survived, while the remaining four were discharged.

The incident happened on February 26.

According to family members, a 13-year-old boy had prepared a lunch of porridge and mutete, which the children consumed.

Another meal of porridge and soup was prepared by an older relative for supper, which the minors also consumed.

Kayova Lodge employees and Kavango East community demand removal of lodge manager


Employees of Kayova Lodge and the community in Kavango East are demanding the removal of the lodge's manager.

They claim that the management has diverted from the project's initial plan, from which the community was due to benefit.

The lodge was established for the development and upliftment of the community.

The target was the implementation of a kindergarten, a water project, and orphanages.

The project was founded by the late Catholic father Klaus Denner from Germany in 2003.

Kavango Region's plight not misplaced


The Rundu Rural Constituency councillor says that despite various studies revealing that Kavango East is one of the poorest regions, the central government has not done enough to turn the tide. 

Paulus Mbangu was addressing the Minister of Mines and Energy during an engagement with the Kavango East Regional Council. 

According to Mbangu, four income and expenditure surveys were carried out between 1993 and 2014, and they all established that the Kavango regions were the poorest. 

An agricultural census in 1995 and 2005 had the same result.

Zambezi women visits green schemes in Kavango East


Leaders of the Kanono Women's Organisation, a small-scale farmers association in the Zambezi Region's Sibbinda Constituency, paid a visit to the green schemes in the Kavango East Region.

The team was led by the Councillor of Sibinda Constituency, Micky Lukaezi, and was undertaken to acquire knowledge and replicate good agricultural practices they learned during the visit.

The team has been in the region since Monday.

They visited commercial green schemes as well as small-scale farmers.

Malaria cases expected to increase significantly during rainy season


Namibia has recorded a total of 1,345 malaria cases since November 2023 in malaria-prone regions.

Cases are expected to increase significantly during the rainy season.

Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Ester Muinjangue, highlighted the ministry's concerns in an interview with nbc News.

Malaria cases have been on the rise in malaria-endemic regions.

Of the total 1,345 cases recorded nationwide, 133 were found to be severe and resulted in hospital admission.

Kavango East region expects better examination results


The acting Education Director in the Kavango East Region says despite the difficulties experienced by learners prior to the exams, the region is bound to perform better in 2023 than it did in 2022.

Christine Shilima was speaking ahead of the release of exam results by the Ministry of Education on Wednesday.

Shilima says there were various factors that negatively affected the teaching and learning process, saying some learners were not psychologically ready for the exams.