Deputy Minister of Finance and Public Enterprises, Maureen Hinda-Mbuende, says the SADC integrated development agenda has been adversely affected by economic challenges, the recent global COVID-19 pandemic, and international geopolitics.

Hinda-Mbuende said this during the opening of the SADC Development Finance Institutions Chief Executive Officers Forum in Swakopmund.

She highlighted that these circumstances have resulted in ongoing challenges for governments and kingdoms within the SADC region in terms of providing essential support to development finance institutions.

This is due to the limited and steadily decreasing resource base, which needs to be cautiously and efficiently allocated for the betterment of our communities.

Hinda-Muende emphasised that the purpose of the gathering is to foster reflection and the exchange of knowledge and experiences with the objective of promoting socio-economic development within the SADC region. 

Moreover, she emphasised the need for increased attention and proactive measures in terms of innovative, agile, and strategic alignment.

This alignment should include collaboration with other development partners, leveraging financial technology, and embracing green climate finance mechanisms. These efforts are crucial to strengthening the ability to balance multiple objectives while fulfilling the development mandate.

The gathering is held under the theme "Balancing DFI's developmental mandate with sustainability."



Stefan |Uirab