The Namibian government will continue to lobby the private sector for investment in the mining sector.

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, says this is because of the risk factors involved and the capital required.

Addressing the two-day Mining Expo and Conference in Windhoek, Alweendo said mine exploration alone costs hundreds of millions of dollars, something the state cannot afford.

And exploration alone does not guarantee any return on investment.

"We will continue to encourage the private sector to come invest in our sector because, as we all know, mining is a very intensive industry and the state will not always have the capital to invest in it. And also, as you know, mining is not like any other sector. You need to start by spending money just to look for this. And usually you don't find anything, especially capital that is looking for something that you cannot find, and therefore, we will encourage you to have the capital in the private sector, to be the ones that have the risk capital."

The 10th Mining Expo and Conference explores the future of mining and the vital role Namibia plays in the sustainable supply of minerals.



Selima Henock