The Roads Authority (RA), Road Fund Administration (RFA), and Nkurenkuru Town Council have signed a three-year agreement for the planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of urban road networks.

The Nkurenkuru local authority approached the road authorities for assistance in this cause. Under the agreement, the RFA will be responsible for providing funds, while the Roads Authority will assist with engineering services. The Nkurenkuru Town Council completed the 800-metre road last year, funded by the RFA, at a cost of N$3.9 million.

RA CEO Conrad Lutombi said his office will ensure that the agreement is fully implemented and will provide all technical support towards the realisation of the objectives. The Chief Executive Officer of the Nkurenkuru Town Council, Petrus Sindimba, said the council has identified 13 roads, equivalent to a combined 11.4 kilometres, that need to be completed within three years. Sindimba commended the two parties for working together to develop the road infrastructure in the region.

The Minister of Works and Transport, John Mutorwa, advised against diverting funds. The Chief Executive Officer of RFA, Ali Ipinge, stated that RFA has, over the past three years, increased funds for the local authorities. This year, RFA provided N$250 million to the local authorities.

Ipinge stated that the funds will only benefit local authorities that are serious about road maintenance and rehabilitation.



Elizabeth Mwengo