Shortages of hospital beds, ambulances, poor staff accommodation, especially at Otjinene, and delays in procurement are some of the factors affecting the provision of healthcare service delivery in the Omaheke Region.

This was revealed by Omaheke Regional Governor Pijoo Nganate during a visit by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Gender Equality, Social Development, and Family Affairs at Gobabis.

Governor Nganate stressed that health is one of the sectors that needs urgent attention, especially the provision of ambulances in rural areas.

He said more health awareness campaigns should be conducted and temporary health care centres should be set up, especially in informal settlements.

"The issue of ambulances is a big concern. Eiseb Epukiro has been served by one ambulance that's not healthy, so those are some of the issues. Otjinene has been upgraded to a health centre, but the issue of accommodation is a problem. To have a second doctor, one is already attached; a second has to come, and the size of the hospital does not allow it."

The Chairperson of the Committee, Gotthard Kasuto, acknowledged that despite challenges, the regional health team was working tirelessly to ensure that services were rendered to the public.

He promised to address the matters raised.

"The other part is one you have alluded to, which is for us to visit all health facilities in the country and assess the situation of health facilities in the country. We started in the north, and we want to see the situation of health facilities in the country. After COVID,  how prepared are we if the same pandemic comes? How prepared are we for all these issues as we get complaints from communities about general health facilities that they need more attention, there are shortages of medicine, and all those issues."



Ngarije Kavari