The Dona Sport Medics Health and Science Training programme concluded on Thursday in Windhoek with an award ceremony. The event was held to honour and congratulate the participants who took part.

The programme provided selected Namibians with a chance to gain more experience in the medical sports sector. Some of the individuals will now be able to accompany and attend to athletes who compete in different sport activities both in the country and internationally. 

The awards ceremony that marked the end of the programme began with a welcoming remark by the Namibia Sports Commission's Chief Administrator Freddy Mwiya, who emphasized the importance of Sport Medicine.

He stated that - for athletes to be in good shape, there needs to be a medical team in place and the Dona Sport Medics Health and Science Training programme has given Namibia that opportunity.

‘’ Frenkie Fredericks when he use to compete he had 7 people surrounding him, to win that silver medal in 1996 Olympics, it was not so easy, medical was part and parcel, physio was part and parcel you name it somebody for nutrition, was part and parcel you can not become a good athlete if you don't have that support mechanism.’’

Former NFA Medical Committee Chairperson Bernard Haufiku also added that Dona Medics' initiative has the potential to unite the nation.

‘’ Let's do better in communication, in discussion, in building resilient sport leadership teams in namibia, to propel the country forward as far as sport is concerned.’’

Director of Sport in the ministry Jo-Anne Manuel, who was representing the Minister of Sport,  also gave a speech at the event.

‘’This sector is ignored by a lot of people, but many peoples carries are cut short by being given the wrong medical advice or treatment, because you as a medic can make or break an athlete.’’

In an interview with NBC Sport, some trainees spoke about the knowledge they gained during the course.

The training also included participants as young as 12 years old, who were awarded certificates of participation.




Ndapewoshali Festus/Anna Namene