The Publicity Officer of the Rundu Urban Constituency, Buta Joackim Sobral, is calling on residents to offer their full cooperation to the census enumerators.

Sobral made the call during the Regional Housing and Population Census Roadshow.

A number of enumerators took to the streets in an effort to raise awareness about the housing and population censuses.

"Please try to work together with the enumerators and welcome them into your houses so that this exercise can be conducted. Please provide information that is accurate. Let us refrain from giving wrong information, and most importantly, let us not forget the census night on the 24th, a Sunday. Please make sure you know how many people slept in your house, and when enumerators come to ask questions from October 15th until October 6th, you make reference to the night of the 24th."

Sobral, however, cautioned that residents should make it a point to verify the legitimacy of the enumerators.

"The people you see behind me are the exact enumerators that are expected to visit your house. They can be identified by the bibs that they wear, plus the caps, and they will be having a backpack and carrying some notepads as a questionnaire, and on top of that, they will be having identification that looks like this one and shows that that is a legit enumerator."

Sobral says listing will take place from September 18 until September 22, with a special enumeration to take place on the 23rd ahead of the actual enumeration on the 24th.




Frances Shaahama