SSC employee reflects on paternity leave experience this Father's Day


The Social Security Commission (SSC) is one of the few local entities offering paternity leave to employees. 

On this Father's Day, our news team caught up with one of their workers who has benefited from the paternity leave policy. 

This is Arcanjo Paulus. When he is not working as a registrar at the Social Security Commission in Rundu, he spends most of his time with his family.

He has been with the Social Security Commission for almost a decade and was allowed 10 days of paternity leave in 2019 when his son was born.

Theft hinders development at Rundu


Town Engineer in the Rundu Town Council, Sakaria Shopati, says the institution lost about N$3 million in the 2023–2024 financial year due to vandalism and infrastructure theft. 

Shopati says despite the Town Council's attempts to upgrade service infrastructure, the local population is hindering progress.

Minor dies and five are hospitalised after suspected food poisoning


Rundu Intermediate Hospital's Medical Superintendent, Dr. Jean Kalala Kabangu, says serious intervention is needed regarding the suspected food poisoning cases coming from the Nyangana District. 

In the latest case, one minor died while five others were admitted to the hospital for suspected food poisoning.

Dr. Kabangu says the patients ate cassava root prepared by the grandmother, who is also admitted. 

Those in the hospital are 60- and 22-year-old women and three boys aged ten, seven, and four. 

Relief for female boaders at Mburu-uru community hostel 


Female boarders at the Mburu-uru community hostel in Kavango West Region will finally have their own sleeping quarters. 

About 13 learners have been sharing living quarters with the teaching staff, while eight others were cramped inside a small hut. 

Before the community hostel was established by educators and parents three years ago, learners spent about 26 kilometres walking to and from school. 

The long distances often left the youngsters tired, with some missing school altogether. 

Rundu family of nine talks about survival against odds


Destitute families who are unable to meet even the most basic needs are found all over Namibia.

nbc News team caught up with such a family in Rundu and compiled this report. 

These are the living conditions of 53-year-old Natalia Mbako and her family of nine. 

They moved to Rundu’s Ndama informal settlement a few years ago after leaving Nkurenkuru for greener pastures. 

Their pursuit for a better life never materialised, and the family found themselves without a proper shelter while surviving on handouts from community members. 

Rundu residents walk 15 kilometres to mark World Hypertension Day


A group of Rundu residents walked for 15 kilometres to commemorate World Hypertension Day. 

Commemorated on May 17 every year, the day aims to raise awareness and promote measures to detect, control, and prevent hypertension. 

The group of residents, mostly from the Ministry of Health, traded in their usual work attire for fitness gear in preparation for the 15-kilometre walk. 

The Rundu Intermediate Hospital was the starting point for the health walk, and participants were expected to stroll all the way to the Sarusungu border post and back. 

Kayengona Clinic in Rundu Rural to be upgraded


The Kayengona Clinic is the only health facility within the Rundu Rural Constituency, and plans are underway for it to be upgraded. 

These were just some of the sentiments shared at the belated independence celebrations at Mbambi village in the Kavango East Region.

Rundu Rural Constituency Councillor, Paulus Mbangu, says having only one clinic in the area is proving to be extremely difficult for the locals. 

OK Food strike enters 3rd day


A strike by employees of a local retailer at Rundu and Nkurenkuru continues. 

The employees, represented by the Namibian Food and Allied Workers Union (NAFAWU), are striking in support of a demand for a salary increase and better working conditions.

The workers are demanding an increase of N$550, inclusive of a transport allowance, while the employer is only willing to offer N$142.50.

Home Affairs reports progress in mass registration drive amid challenges


The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security says the mass registration process countrywide is making good progress. 

The Deputy Executive Director, Jackson Wandjiva, told nbc News that the ministry has so far achieved 70% of the set target. 

In February this year, the ministry embarked on a mass registration process to ensure that every Namibian without national documents receives them if they meet the requirements.

So far, about 35,000 people have been registered, out of the set target of 50,000. 

Concerns arise amid ongoing mass registration efforts


Untraceable sources, chancetakers, and uncooperative parents are some of the concerns about the ongoing mass registration process countrywide. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security is conducting the mass registration outreach programme across all 14 regions of Namibia.

Deputy Executive Director and Chief Registrar in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Jackson Wandjiva, says some people use shortcuts even during outreaches such as these.