Cross-border crimes between Namibia, Angola remain a concern

Cross-border crimes between Namibia and Angola remain a concern for law enforcement agencies from both countries.

Law enforcement experts say these crimes undermine societal stability and threaten the wellbeing of citizens in both countries. The issue of cross-border crimes between Namibia and Angola led to a bilateral meeting in Rundu with law enforcement agencies from both countries discussing ways to improve their fight against crime.

Rundu urban census roadshow

The Publicity Officer of the Rundu Urban Constituency, Buta Joackim Sobral, is calling on residents to offer their full cooperation to the census enumerators.

Sobral made the call during the Regional Housing and Population Census Roadshow.

A number of enumerators took to the streets in an effort to raise awareness about the housing and population censuses.

Ambassador Hisao Nishimaki impressed by Kavango west horticulturalist

Japan's Ambassador to Namibia, Hisao Nishimaki, says he is impressed with the strides made by horticulture producers in the Kavango West Region. Japan has provided N$2 million to be used for horticulture-related training and equipment in the region.

The Ambassador's visit included a stopover with the Governor of the region as well as with representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN. They visited a number of small-scale projects where they assessed progress made since Nishimaki's first visit last year.

Kavango East Region's leadership convened to enhance local economic growth

Regional leadership in the Kavango East Region met with the business community to discuss how to better improve local economic growth and development.

Referred to as the Mayoral Business Forum, the platform brings the local business community under one roof to, amongst other things, foster strong bonds and promote a unified business spirit. This is particularly important ahead of one of the region's biggest events, the Rundu Annual Trade Fair, next month.

Mbunza Traditional Authority leaders attend GBV workshop

Traditional leaders from the Mbunza Traditional Authority gathered for a one-day workshop on gender-based violence (GBV) at Kapako in Kavango West.

The workshop looked at how certain cultures and traditions fuel GBV while finding solutions on how to end harmful practices.

Various speakers at the event highlighted how certain cultures and traditions may perpetuate GBV.

Emergency simulation exercise carried out in Rundu

An emergency simulation exercise was carried out in Rundu to test how efficient local authorities are at responding to emergency situations.

The Rundu Open Market was a hive of activity as various emergency responders and stakeholders took part in an emergency simulation exercise.

The exercise started off with a three-day planning session with representatives from Nkurenkuru, Divundu, Katima Mulilo, and Bukalo local authorities.

Law to address statelessness anticipated

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security is expected to table a bill in the National Assembly next month that aims to address the issue of stateless or undocumented individuals in Namibia.

Currently, there are more than 140,000 stateless and undocumented individuals residing in Namibia, and Deputy Minister Dr. Daniel Kashikola says the primary objective of the proposed legislation is to reduce this number to zero.

This, he says, is in line with the UN's convention on the eradication of statelessness.

NAMCOL hosts career fair in Rundu

The Namibian College for Open Learning (NAMCOL) Regional Branch in Rundu hosted a two-day career fair for high school learners from the two Kavango regions.

The career fair offers an opportunity for learners to decide what exactly they want to pursue after high school.

The two-day fair is expected to attract learners from 16 schools, where they will have the opportunity to engage with 11 exhibitors.

The exhibitors are from various academic institutions, including VTCs and health training institutions, among others.

Rundu community library becomes a source of information for many

Joakim Fransisku, the acting librarian at the Rundu Community Library, says the facility caters to more users than it can accommodate.

Joakim Fransisku says between 100 and 150 locals make use of the community library on an average day.

It's a typical weekday, and the Rundu Community Library is a hive of activity.

Users range from primary school learners, teenagers here to do homework, and young adults doing research or applying for online jobs.