Health facilities in the Zambezi Region have been experiencing an increase in the number of patients treated since the Katima Mulilo Border Post turned to operating 24 hours per day.

The Managing Director of Enkerhaus Private Hospital in Katima Mulilo, Dr. Ernest Kombo, said the influx requires more support from the private sector for the Katima Mulilo Hospital to provide prompt and quality healthcare services.

Enkerhaus Private Hospital acted on its word, donating medical equipment valued at N$300,000 to the facility.

Dr. Kombo hopes that the donation will help the hospital address the growing number of patients since it switched to 24-hour operations.

"It's there to complement the government of the Republic of Namibia to fulfil this mandate to the ministry of health and social services by providing an integrated, affordable, accessible, quality health care and social services responsive to the needs of the population."

16 pregnant women from rural areas who were waiting to deliver also benefited from food rations.

Pregnant women accommodated at the shelter, built by the Social Security Commission, pay N$2.00 and often run out of food.

Expectant mother Ireen Mulela says, "We have been faced with food issues, but now we have received some from the hospital, and for that, we are grateful. We are all very grateful."

"We have been complaining about hunger; we had nothing to eat, but God saw just how much we have been suffering and made it possible," says expectant mother Musheti Haizaya.

Acting Principal Medical Officer at Katima Mulilo Hospital, Dr. William Ibar, welcomed the donation, which he says is part of the two hospitals' agreements.

"The coordination of the memorandum is already working; we are already blessed to receive this donation for our community, and the minister of health and social services is also very happy because we are already coordinating and pushing our patients."




Juliet Sibeso