The UN General Assembly has started with renewed calls for reform of multilateral institutions, including the UN Security Council, in line with the changing socio-economic and political landscape of the world.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres pleaded with the member states to be determined to tackle the most immediate threat to humanity and the planet’s future.

The UN Chief observed that the world seems incapable of coming together and agreeing on mutual solutions, despite the move towards a multi-polar world.

However, Guterres says this is not enough, as a multipolar world needs strong and inclusive institutions and democratic processes.

He cautioned that problems cannot be effectively addressed when global institutions do not reflect the world as it is, further warning that the alternative to reform is further fragmentation.

The situation in Libya and Palestine continues to threaten world peace, which the UN Chief termed unilateral actions to divide countries into blocs, fighting for influence.

He stressed that peace is inextricably linked to the Sustainable Development Goals and their attainment, and it is time for a global compromise.



Blanche Goreses