The Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Dr. Peya Mushelenga, has called for national unity to achieve prosperity for all.

He made the call at the launch of ||Kharas Regional Activation of National Symbols Campaign at Oranjemund.

The National Symbols Campaign, which is part of the Nationhood and National Pride Programme, aims to enhance patriotism by educating Namibians on the importance of national symbols.

These national symbols include the national flag, the national coat of arms, presidential standards, and the national anthem.

"We are talking about the Namibian Nation that, in all our purposes as we study and as we work, we devote and commit everything to Namibia, and whatever we have as a nation should belong to all for unity, and the prosperity we have should be for all Namibians and not for some."

Dr. Mushelenga emphasised that the launch of the National Symbols Campaign is not merely a symbolic gesture.

"It is a call for action. It is a call for each and every one of us to embrace our national symbols and embody the values they represent. Let us observe the hoisting and honouring of the national flag with pride while adhering to the correct protocols; let us sing our national song with passion; and let us honour our coat of arms with reverence. I urge the people of ||Kharas Region to come together to break barriers and build bridges of collaboration. Let us seize the opportunities that lie before us and work towards a future where the potential of this region is fully realized. Together, we can create a legacy of unity, progress, and prosperity that will inspire generations to come."

Also speaking at the occasion was the councillor for Oranjemund constituency, Lazarus Nangolo, who said: "Your presence here today underscores the importance of this campaign and reaffirms our collective commitment to preserving our national symbols and promoting unity among our diverse population."

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Luqman Cloete