Vice President Nangolo Mbumba led by example today as he was enumerated for the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

This move sends a strong message about the significance of accurate data collection and the vital role of enumerators in the process. Mbumba welcomed the enumerators into his residence, showcasing the importance of this nationwide initiative.

The Vice President's support for the enumerators is a call to action for all Namibians. The enumeration process aims to count every individual, collect data on their demographics, and assess various socio-economic factors.

This data will play a vital role in determining resource allocation, addressing inequalities, and planning for future development.

"The inequality we are talking about, the poverty we are talking about, and the lack of unemployment are because the country is not developed to the level where everyone can be accommodated. Therefore, with good figures, we are in a position to plan better. Universities are expanding, and people are talking about proper hospitals in the north. How does one decide where to put it if you don't have the figures of the people?" urged Mbumba.

The Vice President also cautioned the public not to harass the enumerators but rather to support and cooperate with them.

"We have to maintain peace in our country; chasing away people who are doing national duties from your house, shop, kambashu, and farms is violating the county's law, and if we are citizens, let us be good, decent citizens wanting to do good for ourselves but also for other citizens."

Victor Nghifindaka, a board member of the Namibia Statistics Agency and chairperson of the Census Committee, appreciated the support of the Vice President in advocating for Namibia's first-ever digital census and encouraged public participation despite connectivity challenges in some areas.



Ndapewa Ambambi