President Geingob urges citizens to cooperate with Census enumerators


President Hage Geingob has appealed to citizens to cooperate with the Census enumerators and provide accurate data for national development purposes.

Dr. Geingob said this as the management of the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA), led by Board Chairperson Salomo Hei and Statistician-General Alex Shimuafeni, visited their residence to enumerate the first family in Windhoek.

President Geingob and First Lady Monica Geingos were out of the country on official duty on September 24th, the Census reference night.

LPM concerned about safety of Enumerators


Landless People's Movement (LPM) MP Henny Seibeb has voiced his concerns regarding the safety of census enumerators.

This comes in the wake of videos circulating where commercial farmers reportedly harassed and threatened the enumerators.

Seibeb has questioned whether the Namibian Defence Force should not be deployed to ensure the safety of the enumerators.

In response to Seibeb's concerns, the Minister of Defence, Frans Kapofi, reassured the public that, at this point, there is no need for military involvement.

VP Nangolo Mbumba counted for Census


Vice President Nangolo Mbumba led by example today as he was enumerated for the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

This move sends a strong message about the significance of accurate data collection and the vital role of enumerators in the process. Mbumba welcomed the enumerators into his residence, showcasing the importance of this nationwide initiative.

INTERVIEW | Alex Shimuafeni on progress of nationwide enumeration


Yesterday, September 24, 2023, was designated as the Reference Night for the fourth Population and Housing Census.

This means that all people who find themselves in the country on that day will subsequently be counted in relation to the household where they spent the night.

News anchor Ndapewa Ambambi spoke to Statistician-General Alex Shimuafeni to provide insights into the progress and significance of this important nationwide enumeration.

NSA gears up for 2023 Census


Namibian Statistics Agency (NSA) Statistician General Alex Shimuafeni is confident that the 2023 Population and Housing Census will be less prone to errors than ever.

Shimwafeni says the NSA will deploy a digital enumeration system for the first time this year.

The NSA continued its information-sharing engagements at a media briefing held in Swakopmund.

The Statistician General, Alex Shimuafeni, says the digital system will also reduce the waiting period for survey results.