Information and communication technologies have become a necessity in almost all aspects of human existence.

It is against this background that key stakeholders in the industry are attending the three-day 7th ICT Summit, which kicked off in Windhoek this morning.

The digital age has rapidly evolved, and in this new age, ICT provides information at the press of a button.

Artificial intelligence is also slowly becoming popular, and according to experts in the field, ICT improves learning efficiency and simplifies information sharing, among other benefits.

The 7th National ICT Summit has attracted about 400 delegates and over 60 local and international exhibitors.

Speaking at the launch of the summit, ICT Minister Dr. Peya Mushelenga expressed that the ability to fully harness the benefits of the digital economy hinges on the country's capacity to protect it from potential cyber threats, stressing that cyber-attacks have become common.

"It is imperative to prioritise the enhancement of our cyber defence mechanisms, cultivate digital resilience, adhere to proper cyber hygiene practices, and embrace the fundamental tenets of digital transformation. Furthermore, it is imperative to thoroughly investigate the vast array of possibilities presented by the technological domain, encompassing digital transactions, online commerce, and inventive approaches that have the potential to enhance the capabilities of our country."

The summit aims to create a platform for the ICT industry to help discuss challenges facing the industry globally and in the country.

It also aims to use its platform to showcase ICT solutions and services, and at the same time, the summit exposes young people by allowing them to present the latest innovations and inventions.

The theme for this year's summit is 'Rethinking Cybersecurity Investment to Safeguard the Digital Economy and Its Opportunities''.


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Emil Xamro Seibeb